Industrial, Mining And Engineering Supplies

    Industry plays an intricate role in keeping the wheels of the economy turning and as such, it is equally important to ensure its smooth running and allow it to expand by also enhancing its efficacy.

    It is with this in mind that Inductoserve was founded to provide a concrete back up platform for industry and to supply electrical, mechanical engineering, mining, manufacturing, farming, municipalities and government departments. Our clients include small, medium to large corporate companies and government departments within the SADC region

    Product Range

    Mechanical Spares and Equipment
    Electrical Switchgear and Instrumentation
    Personal Protective Equipment
    Welding Machines and Consumables

    Why Choose Us?

    Inductoserve is commited to helping its clients reach their goals, personalizing their event experiences, providing an innovative environment, and make a difference.

    Dedicated Team
    True Partners
    SADC Know-How
    Focus On Innovation

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