Renewable Energy

    The renewable-energy industry is the part of the energy industry focusing on new and appropriate renewable energy technologies. Investors worldwide have paid greater attention to this emerging industry in recent years. In many cases, this has translated into rapid renewable energy commercialization and considerable industry expansion.

    Our Mission is to supply:

    Why Choose Us?

    Inductoserve energy was formed to provide Energy Solutions, not only for today but also for tomorrow. The company has the vision to become the most accessible and the most reliable source of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) across the Southern region.

    With our fleet of trucks operating under Inductoserve Energy-LPG, we ensure that all our clients will not go dry with our products at every point.

    Moving over million tonnes in a month, our fleet of trucks maintain excellent delivery standards and operate with high safety standards. Success to us is measured in how many customers switch from traditional uses such as wood and paraffin to cleaner burning fuels such as LPG

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